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Our Home Inspection Process

The Appointment

When you contact us, we will ask you several questions regarding your prospective property. The approximate size and age of the home are usually sufficient to estimate the inspection fee and the anticipated duration of your inspection. It is important that you let us know the number of days you have reserved for the inspection under your purchase agreement.  To allow access to the property, please ask you real estate agent to obtain a Supra-Key lockbox CBS code. In order to serve you best and make your inspection most effective, please make us aware of any concerns you have about the house prior to the inspection.

We can typically schedule your inspection within just a few days of your initial contact. When possible, try to be sure that all utilities (water, electricity, gas) are turned on as it is typical for the purchase contract to require that the seller make the utilities available for the inspection period.

Visual Inspection & Tests

The conventional part of our home inspection is typically 3-5 hours long and includes exhaustive testing and visual examination of:

The purpose of the conventional inspection is to determine whether various items of the property are functioning properly or if they are in need of any types of repair.  To minimize chances of overlooking problems, we utilize a wide variety of professional diagnostic tools. Ultrasonic moisture meter, combustion analyzer, voltage "sniffer" and more are utilized to eliminate as many concerns as possible. Our conventional inspections are conducted in compliance with the ASHI standards of practice.  These standards are known to be the most stringent guidelines in the industry.

Infrared Scan (Thermal Imaging or Thermography)

We scan inaccessible components of the house using the FLUKE TIR infrared camera which is designed for home inspectors and energy auditors. This allows us to visualize and document the most minute gradients in the surface temperatures of materials such as walls and ceilings. Infrared technology is highly effective at detecting hidden moisture issues (even before they become humanly visible), insulation and air infiltration deficiencies as well as electrical component malfunctions. Our camera is capable of fusing visual images and infrared images. Fused images are included in your inspection report and can be easily interpreted by a repair contractor.  Visit our thermal imaging page to learn more.

Inspection Report

After the home inspection is complete, we will compile and e-mail you a detailed inspection report within 24 hours. This exhaustive report includes a prioritized list of the home’s components and/or systems requiring repair, if any. Our reports are computer-generated and include still images and infrared images of all issues detected during the inspection. The report will not only catalogue inspection findings, but will help you understand their implications and direct you as necessary to a corrective resolution.